The new year starts… with the MA: DTCE’s biggest ever cohort

September 25, 2015 2 comments
New students

Some of the new 2015-16 on-campus cohort get to know each other

The 2015-16 academic year has got under way and it is a pleasure to report that we have nearly 50 new starters this year (around 30 on campus, the rest distance learners); the biggest ever intake on the MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education.

Including our returning distance learners and those finishing off dissertations, this means we now have 85 students in total; easily our largest ever cohort and quite a growth since we launched the MA: DTCE in 2007 with around 25 students. Clearly there is still a lot of interest, not just in educational technology per se but the MA: DTCE’s distinctive mix of this subject matter with studies of how communication and formal and informal learning processes throughout society are affected by things like the news media, social media and political change.

2014-15 students explore the Raspberry Pi

2014-15 students explore the Raspberry Pi

We still attract teachers as students, whether they be working in early years education, primary or secondary schools, or at colleges and universities. But our cohort now also includes several journalists, musicians, web site developers, corporate training specialists…. In short anyone with an interest in learning, technology and communication.

Unfortunately, enrollment for 2015-16 is now closed; but it is not too early to apply for the following year. Either way, we wish all our students well!

MA: DTCE end of year dinner

MA: DTCE end of year dinner

MA: DTCE end of year dinner

It was a pleasure earlier this week to be able to take a group of MA: DTCE students out to Jamie’s Italian in Manchester city centre for our 2015 end of year dinner. The restaurant is built in an old bank building and we were seated in the old basement vault, surrounded by thousands of safety-deposit boxes, as you can see in these photographs. A surreal but enjoyable experience — and good food too! The meal was attended not just by on-campus students, but also some distance learners (as we have many learners who live locally but nevertheless choose to study on the MA: DTCE online, as that mode fits in best with their busy work and family lives).

Dan and Gary

Dan (DTCE student) and Gary (Senior Lecturer) in the vault

If you’re interested in joining us for the next academic year, 2015-16, there is still plenty of time to make an application — we do not close the list until mid-September. However, if you want to study on campus and need a visa to enter the UK then don’t leave things much longer as the paperwork can take several weeks. We offer the course for study both on-campus and by distance learning, so there is plenty of flexibility. Email the Programme Director, Drew Whitworth ( for more details…

MA: DTCE graduate at Mimas — the UK’s national data centre

Suhad Aljundi

Suhad Aljundi is working at the UK’s national data centre, Mimas, in Manchester

It is always nice to hear about MA: DTCE graduates who are doing well, and have used their learning to secure for themselves interesting and creative jobs in the educational technology industry. We recently heard that Suhad Aljundi, originally from Syria, who graduated from the MA: DTCE in 2014, is now working with JISC, the UK’s national provider of digital solutions to higher education and research, on augmented reality and online resources development.

Suhad says:

My role involves working collaboratively with my line manager on producing Augmented Reality (AR) resources and online learning materials that focus on enhancing the learning experiences in FE, HE and the Skills sector.  We are working on several projects including the Erasmus+ funded European project which aims at engaging students studying STEM based subjects in their curriculum content through producing Interactive AR materials.  
I am also involved in disseminating the benefits of AR and its best practices to Jisc user communities at conferences, workshops and webinars.  Exploring innovative and future emerging technologies like Wearbles and investigating ways to better engage students and promote personalised learning experiences in HE and FE. 
There are a lots of opportunities in this internship to get new skills (from 3d modelling, digital imaging, video production, AR content development skills) through attending webinars, workshops and training courses in creating digital resources that is not only limited to AR but also to other technologies to support Jisc strategic goals and user communities.  This helps me in a way to fill in the gaps in my experience so I can apply the knowledge and experience I gained throughout the DTCE programme, it also opens up the chance to work on more challenging projects in innovation and education. 
A longer blog post about her new job can be read here. We wish Suhad well in her new career! If you are interested in following her — or exploring the great diversity of other career options which the MA: DTCE should open up for you — there is still plenty of time to make an application for the 2015-16 academic year.

Media and Learning seminar

January 20, 2015 Leave a comment

Last week (15th January 2015) the MA: DTCE was discussed as one case study in a webinar on “New Assessment Strategies” organised by the EU-funded Media & Learning group. Programme Director, Andrew Whitworth, discussed the underlying ethos and diverse nature of the MA and its student body, and explored the use of podcasts and multimedia in responding to these challenges through the medium of the course assessments.

You can view the recording of the session through following this link.

Augmented and virtual reality guest on the MA: DTCE

November 10, 2014 Leave a comment
MA: DTCE student, Ioannis, explores the Mubil 'virtual laboratory' with the Oculus kit

Ioannis explores the Mubil ‘virtual laboratory’ with the Oculus kit

The MA: DTCE had a visit this week from guest lecturer Alexandra Angelataki, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim, Norway. Aleka’s Mubil project has used augmented and virtual reality techniques to provide access to rare manuscripts and create vritual spaces based on the text and pictures inside the books, to turn them into interactive learning resources.

Pictured is 2014-15 MA: DTCE student Ioannis using the Oculus virtual reality glasses to enter the online ‘laboratory’ based on the historical Chemistry textbook created by Lonicer, circa 1569. The technology has also been used to animate a travel guide to 17th-century Pisa, Italy.

Aleka also presented her work in the ‘Digilab‘, part of University of Manchester’s award-winning Learning Commons development.

MA: DTCE 2014-15 intake

The 2014-15 intake for the MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education is now closed.

I am pleased to say that despite a challenging recruitment environment in lots of ways, we have sustained our numbers, with 16 new on-campus students and 16 new distance learners. With the returning part-time students, the overall numbers of students on the course remain at about 60. Welcome — or welcome back — to you all!

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Study on the MA: DTCE from September 2014

DTCE distance learning graduates

Left-to-right: Breege Loftus, Lee Webster and Mike Toyn, who all graduated as distance learning students

We are still recruiting students for the September 2014 intake on Manchester’s award-winning MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education.

You can study the course on-campus in Manchester (full time for one year, part-time over two years), or as a distance learning student (part-time for two or three years). The course covers many aspects of how digital technologies — computers, mobile devices, digital TV and broadcasting, and many more — affect the ways we learn and think, whether in schools, universities, workplaces or the home.

Our graduates go on to secure work as learning technologists, or with educational content developers; achieve enhanced status in their current jobs; or move on to further study. The degree has received international recognition from Blackboard for the quality of its work, particularly with distance learning students, and how we bring them into the Manchester community.

Read more about the course on this site — or have a look at the University page for the MA: Digital Technologies, Communication and Education.


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