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Online registration opens 1st September

If you hold an unconditional offer from us for the 2010-11 academic year you can use the University’s online registration system from 1st September 2010. We advise that you register as soon as possible, because it can be a complex process and we want to make sure you have it completed before the start of teaching. For information on how to do this see the Joining and Induction Booklet: 2010-11 academic year. You should also use the online applications system to confirm your attendance on the MA: DTCE.

Note that if you hold a conditional offer you need to meet these conditions before you can register. Please let us know if you have problems meeting these conditions (e.g. English language requirement, references).

Remember that induction and welcome events for on-campus students start on Monday 20th September. Online students will begin shortly afterwards but we have not confirmed these dates yet.

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Information for 2010-11

The MA: DTCE Programme Handbook 2010-11 and Joining and Induction Booklet: 2010-11 academic year are now available for download. New MA: DTCE students should read the Joining booklet in detail and skim the Programme Handbook, though bear in mind it is all useful and relevant. Returning students will find much of the material familiar but may still benefit from a speed-read.

The course unit page has been updated for 2010-11. The timetable will be confirmed by 13th September.

The university’s online registration system opens on 1st September. Information about this should have been sent to you by email and is also in the Joining booklet. We recommend that you begin the process of registration as soon as you can, from home: there is no need to wait until you arrive in Manchester.

Please remember that if you have any problems at all with registration, and/or travelling to Manchester, we can help you sort them out – but only if we know about them! So please do keep us informed of anything which may hinder your ability to start on the course. Induction activities begin on Monday 20th September and teaching on the following Monday, 27th September.

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