Two MA: DTCE students have free places at conference

The organisers of the “Digitise, Deliver, Discover” event at the University of Manchester on June 6th 2011 have recognised the significance of the MA: DTCE and offered two free places at the conference to students on the course. Dalal Al-Abbasi (Saudi Arabia) and Yi-ching Yeh (Taiwan) applied for and were awarded the chance to attend this event which lies at the cutting-edge of digital thought and practice.



  1. Congratulation to Dalal and Yi-Ching on being chosen to attend this event it sounds really interesting. Opportunties like this (and the day out in Hebden Bridge) are when distance learners miss out but you can help us by sharing your experiences.

  2. Congrats, and this really indicates the seriosness of the student and also encourage others to met the standard. I wish the two students a fruitfull conference. soon to be part of the family

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