MyWordBook app is a success

Neil Ballantyne and the MyWordBook app
Neil Ballantyne, MA: DTCE graduate, and his MyWordBook app

Neil Ballantyne, who works for the British Council in Hong Kong, announced this month that his MyWordBook app, developed to help Chinese speakers review basic English vocabulary, is the #1 reference app on Hong Kong iTunes (see this page). Neil worked on the app for his MA: DTCE dissertation project in 2010, an example of how DTCE students can use projects in their school, university or workplace to gain course credits. As Neil explains:

“Basically I was looking for a project to do for my dissertation and the global English team I was working for doing online teacher training wanted to develop a vocabulary app. The person doing the mobile projects at the time didn’t have the capacity so when I was looking for project ideas, he offered me the opportunity to scope out the app. I was able to do the research and propose concepts and take it forward….  The fact that I was looking for an MA project at the same time helped convince the director of the learner products to let me take the whole project on.”

The British Council have now partnered up with Cambridge University Press to help develop MyWordBook 2: “The main concept and look and feel remains the same but includes a lot of the functionality I wanted to get into v1 – adaptive learning, more practice activity types and the ability to download packs of words dependent on ability level and interest. We will do a soft launch of this in September and test the in app purchasing side of the app with a global launch after a month if all works ok. This version will be available on Android and for Java enabled phones as well as iOS so will get much more reach.”

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