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New Academic Article by MA DTCE Graduate

December 31, 2015 2 comments

image of AbdulOur graduate, Abdul Al Lily, is the first to publish an academic article about ‘Crowd-Authoring’ as a methodology.

See A Crowd-authoring Project on the Scholarship of Educational Technology

This methodology is developed based on a two-year empirical experiment wherein 101 scholars from around the world crowded together virtually to negotiate in three rounds their ways of seeing the world and then to capture these thoughts of theirs in a published article.

Dr Al Lily believes that, given the well-connected nature of the contemporary age and the increasing value of collective and democratic participation, large-scale multi-authored publications are the way forward for academic fields and wider academia in the 21st century.

Crowd-authoring presents the academic enquiry as a negotiable and therefore political process wherein scholars negotiate their comprehension and conceptualisation of a common issue related to a shared profession.

To know more about Dr Al Lily, please visit his webpage:

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