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Our graduate, Will Fastiggi shares his story

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Studying the DTCE course has definitely been worth the effort.  Completing it from a distance provided me with much needed flexibility, and I feel lucky to have benefitted from excellent guidance, course materials and teaching.  I learnt a lot and throughly enjoyed the course from start to finish.  Moreover, I have successfully incorporated much of what I have learnt into my professional practice – both on the technical side and pedagogical side.

Shortly after graduating, I was offered a job as Computing & ICT Coordinator at an international school in Rio de Janeiro.  In this role, I continually strive to develop a pedagogy, which encourages learners to use digital technologies creatively, collaboratively, and in ways to develop their critical thinking skills.  In fact, I continue to see myself as a lifelong learner too – not just an educator.  If you’d like to know more, I write a blog, Technology for Learners, where I regularly reflect on digital technologies and how they can be used effectively in the classroom.

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MA DTCE graduate appointed as the Head of the Undergraduate Medical Education at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Michael Masterman completed his MA in Digital Technologies Communications and Education in 2014.

Michael has recently (August 2015) been appointed as the Head of the Undergraduate Medical Education at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where he previously held the roles of Business, Quality & Technology Manager and IT Support Officer.

Further information are available on the ‘Spotlight on Michael Masterman‘ article.


On his new role Michael says:
“I never saw myself as one day running the department, but it is a real honour to lead a wonderful team of dedicated and supportive individuals. My team have one thing and one thing only on their minds when they come in to work – to provide the students with the best experience they possibly can. I hope I can take things to the next level but the only way that will happen is to have them all by my side.”


You can read about Michael’s new post on his blog

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An MA DTCE graduate on Instructional Design

image of SteveSteve Roberts, one of our distance learning students shares his story…

Completing the MA DTCE from a distance provided a fantastic opportunity to directly apply what I was learning to my own context, and develop my own theory of teaching and learning which resonates with my past and present experience.
I had the chance to work as an instructional designer in the University of Hong Kong, where I developed MOOCs, worked closely with faculty to do exciting things like flip classrooms and develop multimedia to support T&L.
I’ve recently started working at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business, where I have been collaborating closely with faculty members, media teams and other key stakeholders to design and innovate.

Instructional Design is one of those areas which is approached from many different angles, so you’ll likely work in diverse teams with multiple perspectives – don’t underestimate the importance of growing your soft skills alongside your technical ones to thrive!

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