MA DTCE graduate appointed lecturer for the School of Communications and Marketing at Southampton Solent University

image of Danilo“When I joined the MA:DTCE in 2014-2015 as a full-time student, after working for 5 years as a journalist in Brazil, I was unsure about the next steps in my career. I chose the course thinking that it would allow me to draw from my background in communication and also help me learn more about education and technology, two fields which had always interested me.

I had very high expectations for the course, and it did not disappoint. It was a fantastic experience. I particularly liked the balance between theory and practice: we were taught how to make videos, podcasts and create multimedia educational content, but also looked deeply into the pedagogical theories that explained and justified our practical decisions, and learned how to do our own research. During the course, I became more and more interested in education and ended up deciding to pursue an academic career.

In early January, I started working as a full-time lecturer for the School of Communications and Marketing at Southampton Solent University. One of the course units I am teaching this semester is Multiplatform Journalism, which allows me to bring together my newsroom experience and a lot of what I have learned during the course.

When I found myself standing in front of students for the first time, I found out that I had learned a lot about teaching in MA:DTCE – through the lectures and readings on pedagogy, and also by observing the great work done by teaching staff in the course. Changing careers is not easy, but I feel that the course helped me feel confident and prepared to take on this new role.”

Danilo Soares

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