Bestselling Book by MA DTCE Graduate


Our graduate, Abdul Al Lily (, has published a book that has gone straight to number one on Amazon best-seller lists.

It is entitled The Bro Code of Saudi Culture: 714 Rules on how the Human Body should Act Inside Arabia.

It has been talked about in different languages and by magazines and newspapers (e.g. Huffington Post) and recommended by known figures, e.g. Dr. James M. Dorsey and Prof. Madawi Al-Rasheed who tweeted about the book: ‘hilarious book with truths’.

It is the first to talk about Saudi culture in a purely descriptive (and thus non-judgemental and unbiased) manner. It is the first to be written by a Saudi who was born and raised in Saudi Arabia, who is still based in this country, who is a former formally-recognised imam and who comes from a working-class family—yet has travelled the world, is married to a non-Muslim European, studied in Oxford, published with the largest international academic publishers and hence has the ability to communicate with foreign and Western mentalities.

It is the first to be written in plain language even though it is informed by research. It is the first to present Saudi values and norms in the form of a bullet-pointed list.

It is available in English and Spanish so far, as hard and soft copies, on Amazon.


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