Activities and assignment

This course is assessed by portfolio. By the deadline date (mid-May  – see the course timetable for the specific date and put it in your diary), you will submit a single file in Word or PDF form that will contain:

  • Notes on the activities you completed through the course.
  • A set of ‘lesson plans’ in which you outline a short course of Media & IL training for a specific target group.
  • A commentary on the portfolio as a whole, which serves to locate your work with respect to theories of IL covered in the course unit.

Although it cannot be included in the PDF, there is also a final element of the portfolio, which is a podcast that  you create that introduces two journal articles or book chapters on media and information literacy.

All activities and the form of the final portfolio are described in full on the core activities page Note that on-campus students complete most of these activities in taught classes, but it will still help if these students read this page in full, so they know what is expected in terms of including their work on these activities in the portfolio.

Although all core activities are compulsory, and dates are suggested by which they should be completed (which broadly correspond to the schedule of the respective on-campus classes), these deadlines are recommendations only. There are no official deadlines in this course until the final one in mid-May, and therefore it remains possible for distance students to schedule all their work on this course around to their other commitments and according to preference. The schedule of your work remains your responsibility, though: and if you are in any doubt about your ability to maintain the required level of discipline – then stick to the recommended deadlines.

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