Summary timetables for EDUC61712: Media and Information Literacy for semester 2, 2013-14, appear here. Please ensure you are looking at the right information, depending on whether you are an on-campus or a distance learning student.

On-campus timetable

Classes take place in room C3.20 (the one you were in during semester 1’s DET and CiE classes), from 1.30pm – 4.00pm, on Mondays. Please bring your laptops or smartphones to these classes. Although I admit that normally my attitude towards attendance is a relaxed one — as long as you engage with the learning environment some other way — this time round the on-campus classes do not necessarily correspond well enough to the DL materials for me to permit this. Therefore, I need to stress here that for all on-campus students, attendance is expected at each of these classes.

Also note I have updated this timetable to reflect the postponement of the original week 1 class due to illness.

  • Week 2: 3rd February. Cognitive authority: how do we make judgments about what is credible information?
  • Week 3: 10th February. Personal views of information landscapes, personal constructs, information anxiety.
  • Week 4: 17th February. The content and competency frames of information literacy. Standards-based and objective views of cognitive authority.
  • Week 5: 24th February. Critiques of the linear view of information searching. Informed learning.
  • Week 6: 3rd March. Pathologies of information processing, cognitive biases, conspiracy theories. [This session will include a guest lecture from Peter Knight, author of Conspiracy Culture.]
  • Week 7: 10th March. Media literacy. Viewing and discussion of Supersize Me.
  • Week 8: 17th March. Understanding contexts and practice, and how these change the phenomenon of literacy from place to place.
  • Week 9: 24th March. Phenomenography, mapping the information landscape, towards a radical information literacy.
  • Week 10: 31st March. Course conclusion, portfolio preparation.

And that’s it. Because of the late Easter in 2014, we can get all the on-campus teaching done before the break.

There are then a couple more deadlines/dates to be aware of:

  • The podcast presentation is due by Friday 4th April
  • The final portfolio is due by Wednesday 14th May.
  • Also please note that I (Drew) will be on annual leave from Thursday 10th April – Monday 21st April inclusive. The Easter weekend, when the university is closed, is 18th – 21st April, and Monday 5th May is also a public holiday.

Distance learning timetable – SUMMER OFFERING 2014

Because you are free to explore these materials in whatever way you choose, the DL timetable covers only the deadlines for activities (and one or two other key dates in Drew’s and the university’s schedule, so you know). Please remember that most of these deadlines are recommendations. The only two deadlines which ‘really matter’ are the final assignment deadline and the synchronous session 2 deadline (as by that date you need to have prepared your presentation). Although, as said in the course introduction, should you lack confidence about your self-discipline, simply stick to the recommended deadlines.

  • Monday 2nd June Course begins.
  • Week of July 14th – 18th: the synchronous session. The exact date and time of this session will be arranged at some point in late June.
  • By Friday 18th July: Complete work on the Cognitive Authority activity and the Problem-Based Learning activity.
  • By Friday 1st August: Complete work on the Critical media analysis activity, and watch (and reflect on) the course films: “Supersize Me“, “Information Obesity”, and “The Deansgate Library“.
  • Friday 15th Augustdeadline for creating and uploading the podcast presentation (see the information on the page as linked).
  • Friday 19th September 2014: FINAL COURSE DEADLINE. All portfolios should be submitted, into Blackboard 9, by 6pm British Summer Time on this date.

Also please note that I (Drew) will definitely be on annual leave from Saturday 19th July – Sunday 3rd August inclusive, and there will be another week in August as well, but I cannot conclusively specify that just yet. Note that Monday 25th August is a public holiday.

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