Authorship information and some suggestions for further reading

This site contains materials that were originally developed for a Masters level course unit at the University of Manchester, UK, entitled Media and Information Literacy. That course was first taught, both online and face-to-face, in 2008 in the School of Education at Manchester.

Subsequently, the course was recognised as an exemplar of good practice in the field of information literacy education: see the report from the Learning Literacies for a Digital Age project. The University of Manchester then secured funding from the Higher Education Academy (subject centre for Information and Computer Science) to convert the course for use in the John Rylands University Library at Manchester and, following a pilot, release the materials for use across the UK and elsewhere.

The original course was written by Andrew Whitworth (see links below). The conversion took place with the help of Steven McIndoe and Ian Fishwick of the John Rylands University Library, and Clare Whitworth, who worked to convert the Moodle materials. Anne Morris and Barbara Hunter helped administer the project on behalf of the HEA-ICS.

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Suggestions for further reading

Publications by the course author

These all discuss, directly or indirectly, the view of information literacy which underlies this course, and evaluate its impact:Whitworth, A. (2009): Information Obesity, Chandos, Oxford. This book has an accompanying web site at

Whitworth, A. (2007): Communicative competence in the information age: towards a critical pedagogy. In Change and Challenge: Information literacy for the 21st century (pp. 85-114), edited by S. Andretta. Adelaide, AUS: Auslib.

Whitworth, A. (2009): Teaching in the relational frame: the Media and Information Literacy course at Manchester. Journal of Information Literacy, 3, no.2): 25-38.

See also

Publications by other authors

Bruce, C.S. and ACRL, (2008) Informed Learning.(ALA: Chicago) (In particular Chapters 7 and 8.)

Hepworth, M. and Walton, G., (2009) Teaching information literacy for inquiry-based learning. (Chandos: Oxford)

Pope, A. and Walton, G., (2009) ‘Information and Media Literacies: Sharpening our Vision in the Twenty First Century.’ In Leaning, M. (ed.) Issues in Information and Media Literacy. Vol. 2: Education, Practice and Pedagogy. Informing Science Press. (pp 1-29)

Also recommended reading for this course is Hull et al, ‘Multiple Literacies’. This is a brilliant resource and although it is quite long I hope you see its value. I certainly hope you read it all, but if genuinely pushed for time, do read at least up to page 13. The two later chapters are examples of “multiliteracies”, not central to the argument, but nevertheless very illuminating. This also has an excellent bibliography and resource list, a great deal of which is also available online.

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