3. The competency frame


Is advertising making us stupider?
Is advertising making us stupider?

“I need some information!” “Sam, this is Information Retrieval,not Information Dispersal.” (from the movie Brazil

This section deals with the question of evaluating information once you have found it. How can you judge the credibility of information? What is information literacy and why is it important?

Podcast 3A: Credibility

McLuhan page on Wikipedia

*   *   *

Focussing in on information literacy.

The ‘official’ view, and links to IT skills and plagiarism.

Podcast 3B: Information literacy competency

Information literacy competency standards

Catts & Lau: Towards Information Literacy Indicators

UNESCO page on Information & Communication

ACTIVITY: Researching a topic

*   *   *

Move on to topic 4

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