ACTIVITY: Reflecting on your IL skills

Reflecting on your information literacy skills

At this point, please return to the notes you made when completing the activity in topic 3, ‘researching a topic’. (If you have not already completed it, please return to that topic and undertake the task.)

Think about how you undertook that simple information searching task and reflect briefly on the following questions:

  • did you automatically assume you were being asked to look for online sources, or did you consider using printed books or encyclopedias of some kind?
  • did you find information that you were prepared to dismiss as lacking credibility? On what grounds?
  • did you know anything at all about the topic before you started?
    • if so – do you think you were more likely to use information if it confirmed your prior beliefs?
    • if not – were you more likely to use the information that you found first?
  • do you think you ‘accessed information effectively and efficiently’, as the ALA suggest? Why, or why not?

These are worth reflecting on at this stage because they can form a useful point of comparison to the more research-specific task you are also being asked to undertake in topic 5.

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